Financial Life Planning

Our favorite part of the work we do is connecting with your personal story. At NNF, we believe that to help you plan for your life today and your future, we need to learn who you are and what you value most.

Are you a Ritz Carlton with a glass of champagne or a Ritz Cracker with cheese?

Do you prefer luxury but in small doses? Maybe you favor the simple things in life, but love to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of adventure. What past experiences have you had that made you who you are today?

Whatever your preference, whatever your history, we are excited to have the discussions that show us who you are and who you want to be! What past experiences have you had that made you who you are today? Together, we will outline your goals for today and your future.

Creating a complete and accurate financial plan is like putting together a puzzle. Anyone can smash the pieces together so they fit, but you’re not going to get the picture you wanted. You need someone who wants to get to know you and takes the time to make sure your plan is put together the way you envision it.

All in all, your plan is about you and where you want to go. We’re here to help you find the most direct and enjoyable route to get there!

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Starting a Career

The energy and excitement of a new beginning is palpable. And yet, starting or changing a career can be daunting. On your first day, chances are, you’re going to get the benefits book thrown at you. While it may seem insignificant, the choices you have to make in that book can have a long lasting effect on your financial well-being.

There are dozens of little details to pay attention to. 401(k) plans, flex spending accounts, tax withholding, health, disability and life insurance to name a few. Who do you have that you can rely on to help you figure it out?

You put in a lot of hard work to land your dream job, and it didn’t happen overnight right? Your financial wellbeing works the same way. All those hours you put in at the library studying to improve yourself are like all the little decisions you make along the way to set yourself up comfortably in the future. The sacrifices of today are the gains of tomorrow. We want to teach you healthy strategies to balance living a fulfilling life now and having freedom in the future.

It’s all about proper planning and putting your money to work for you.

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Balancing Work and Family

Watching your children grow up is one of the greatest gifts this world has to offer. The fulfillment you receive from your career is also vital to your self-worth and sense of accomplishment. Having the right work-life balance gives you the best of both worlds. Ensuring your kids reach their potential, while moving up the corporate ladder can get complicated. The right financial plan can help emphasize the importance of balance between now and the future and give you the information you need to make significant decisions.

Your financial plan will help you identify how to fund and support what is important now while successfully and safely planning for your future. Our customized process is designed to help you make decisions based on what you value most.

Put balance back in your financial plan.

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All Things Retirement

Retirement. Retirement is an emotionally charged word. To some people it means freedom. To others, it means a lack of direction and boredom. And in actuality, retirement doesn’t look the same for any two people.

What retirement has become is the next phase of your life. When it comes to financial planning for retirement, how you invest your time is just as important, if not more important, than how you invest your money. How will you find purpose and meaning in your everyday life? How will you stay connected and learn and grow?

We want to know what an ideal “retirement” looks like to you. Are you someone who adores their job and isn’t sure if retiring is what you want? Do you have a cocktail in your hand on a sandy beach or do you have on a dirty apron at a soup kitchen? Are you wrestling with grandkids or gallivanting around the globe? Or maybe both? Life is yours for the taking; we are thrilled to see where your “retirement” takes you. We want to make sure you’re fully equipped to live it to the fullest.

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